Perks of hostel life

After leading three years of monotonous and boring engineering life, if there’s anything that I’ll always be thankful to my college for, will be the hostel I stay in. Honestly, high school was the best thing to have happened to me and I swear I miss it a lot, but leading the life of a ‘hostelite’ as we call it, has its own perks. In school, you are surrounded by all kinds of people, but only for a limited period of time and it kind of limits your understanding of a person’s complete personality. Whereas, in a hostel you meet all kinds of people, and yes, funnily you come to know every little thing about them, that also sometimes includes the time when your roommates go to take a dump. Lol. For a kid like me, without siblings, hostel life is one epic life I lead. The best part is that whenever you feel low, you know that you can always find someone right next door who could cheer you up! From group studies to movie nights on Fridays, hostel is one place where your friends don’t just remain friends, they become family. It eventually becomes your second home. 
Hostel teaches you some remarkable skills. Read along to know what I have experienced in my hostel! 
The delicious menu of the mess might make you want to hog on to the food, but the horrid sight of the 1/400 dilution curry will definitely make you puke. For a few days you’d go hungry too, and finally one fine day, the master chef in you will come alive. Yes, you’d learn to cook dishes you’d never imagined yourself to have cooked before. My favorite easy to make dish is Pasta in white sauce. Let me know, what’s yours. 
After wearing all your fancy clothes in the first week of college; by the time, Sunday arrives, you’d have a pile of clothes that need a good amount of washing. The inner dhobi is put into action in here. Yeah, that’s exactly when you’d also feel like murdering the people who make ads of detergents with cheesy stupid taglines, ‘Daag achhe hote hain!’, because they bloody aren’t!

Finding that perfect place in the hostel corridors to hang those perfectly washed clothes (to be honest, they are never perfectly washed in the first place, practice makes you better at it, and patience is required) because there are several people who probably have had their eyes on that new denim shirt you recently bought after saving your three months’ pocket money. 
This is my personal favorite. So, you and probably the entire hostel (except the geeks), have just a week left for the final semester exams. This is the time when the geeks become your best friends! A course of six months to be completed in just two days, requires immense concentration, and also some sacrifices, which include, giving up on all possible social media and constant consumption of junk food, because it makes you super sleepy! But that’s what most people in the hostel do. Whereas I, stay up nights cramming every word in the course and make Dubsmash videos to divert my mind when I become too stressed. I really never settled down with basics in my life. That’s how I function!  

You slowly and steadily become either a chai or a coffee addict. Sleepless nights dedicated to finishing off assignments that were given twenty days back, all come down to this one day. And if there’s any substance that could save you from sleeping off on your study table, is definitely caffeine.
An important lesson that you learn in hostel is that, you cannot be everybody’s favorite. This phenomenon is more evident is an all-girls hostel, where there are few people who almost want to stab you to death just because you have the cutest boyfriend, or because your hair color is liked by everyone in color. (Believe me, I have faced it all) There was a time, when I used to cry it out because I was more of a bro in this aspect. I was not a firm believer of typical back bitching that most girls are involved in. 
But hostel does help you find a sibling from another mother. My roomie is a gem of a person and she’s been through it all with me. Be it a headache or a heartache. She was always there, even when the closest of people walked out on me. I can never thank her enough. These are the kind of people who you meet by chance, and never want to let go. Without even realizing it, sooner or later, this person becomes fam. 

Lastly, hostel teaches you the most important of skills: saving money. When you are back at home, chilling out, you never realize how much your parents spent on the last dinner you had at a fancy restaurant. But once you are in a hostel, you’d definitely think twice before watching your favorite movie first day, first show, because you have exam registration fees to pay for. You are always expected to survive on a stipulated budget. Hostel life helps you to prioritize things in life, and I honestly think that is great! 
As much as I hate to admit it, I will definitely miss hostel. The kind of bonds you form here are surely one of the strongest bonds you will ever have. 
Hope this was one fun blog to read! Cheers!  

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