Zinda hoon yaar, coffee hain. 

Hello there, nerds. 

This is Heena, the not-so-professional blogger and this is a blog on the not-so-unhealthy beverage. Coffee. 

Well well, caffeine is one substance that you can never get enough of. The journey of every nerd, always revolves around coffee. Remember that last exam, when you were revising almost every word of the course to get that perfect grade on your paper? Aah. I’m sure all students have already started considering me their bro. Coffee to me, is not just any regular beverage, it’s something that can bring a room full of people together to a couch, and have conversations. Like actual conversations where people talk instead of the regular texts messages. Deep conversations have so much more meaning to them, when they happen face-to-face and not via fancy smartphones. I had told you, being nerdy was about not settling down with basics. *winks* A cup of coffee can do wonders. It could bring two people close, keep you wide awake while you’re tired of your assignments or give you all the warmth you look for during the chills. 

If there’s anything that keeps me active and alive during the hectic schedule is undoubtedly coffee. Sahi mein, coffee ke bina zinda rehna thoda mushkil sa hi ho gaya hai. 

If you’re a coffee lover too, show it off a bit maybe? GetNerdy Clothing has amazing tees with captions that every coffee addict would adore and super amazing coffee mugs. Check em out! 

Go grab a cup of coffee, nerds! 

Oh, and our mugs and tees too? ❤


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