READY TO GetNerdy?

Hello, this is Heena, and no I am not a blogger by profession. In fact, I’m just a regular person, like all of you, pursuing a boring engineering course and probably living a monotonous typical engineering student life.

When I was asked to write a blog for GetNerdy, I had no clue what to pen down; but I knew one thing for sure for that I definitely wanted to do something different. Something that demands creativity and allows me to be myself.

All my life, I have observed people having a misconception about the term ‘Nerd’. Sadly, even a regular dictionary defines this word as, someone who is unattractive, socially awkward, annoying, undesirable or boring. So then why should you GetNerdy? Right. Well, the idea is simple, everybody is entitled to their opinion and people can make the most bizarre of theories; but are you the kind of person who just settles down with what is defined and what people assume? We at GetNerdy don’t settle down with just basics. We are the kind of people who create stuff that is bizarre. We let you breathe your ideas in and that is also the reason why you get to freely customise all the stuff that you intend on purchasing from our website. Now let’s get straight to the point. What is exactly up there on our website that is so cool? Just because we have the word ‘clothing’ to our brand name, does not necessarily mean we just sell Tees. La la la! Surprise! (GetNerdy loves surprising people) So we not only have Tees, but also notebooks, wall arts, journals, mugs and a whole lot of stuff that has the capability of adding the right amount of style with a dash of swag to it. Oh wait, we don’t sell swag, you feel it once you’re wearing our tee or using any of our products. We have superpowers. *winks*


Found your nerd self, somewhere deep down? Show us some love.

Go ahead and start ordering some of the cool stuff if you’re one of those that don’t settle down ordinary.

Visit, or check out our Facebook page,

You can also find us on Instagram, @getnerdyclothing


And lastly, #GetNerdyOrGoHome


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