Well, I’m here to answer a question which is on all your minds? And by all, I obviously don’t mean the world’s worth, cause let’s face it, not that many know about The Publik Domaine yet. But the select few that do have the exclusive pleasure of being involved. That being said, here’s your first hand answer to what the f**k this site’s about, and furthermore,what the actual f**k GetNerdy and Sianth Shipping Co is.

In an era where startups are changing the game and earning some good money as quickly as possible is the goal, something struck me, back in August of ’16. In spite of not being the coolest kid on the block, I had a fairly good taste in style and T-shirts were a big part of it. But whenever I went to a store, that perfect shirt was missing and that is when it hit me; why not bloody start my own clothing line? Or better yet, why not give the people what they want? People obviously have ideas or designs which they’d lvoe to see get printed on various merchandise and this was my way to provide.

This was the first step.

The next step was a roll on the dice, you know, people look for innovations these days – ways to stand out from the crowd and more often than not, boast about certain things which they have but others don’t, sounds like your inner voice speaking out the truth eh?With this in mind, one of our prime USP’s took shape!

You know what? Just check us out. Links are given below!

Now getting back on track to the main part, how is the Publik Domaine related to all of this? We wanted to provide YOU, the people with a chance to speak on anything and everything without any censor board or restrictions fucking up your vibe. So, if you have a story to tell us, if you have something to share or something which you feel the world needs to know, or hell…even if you want to post dank memes – we are providing you a platform to do so, across all our platforms and media. You never know, you could just end up receiving a lot of goodies from our businesses and associates, or even feature on some of our merch!

Get your pen and paper out peeps. It’s time the world knew your story!


Siddharth Nandi

Founder, CEO

GetNerdy India



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