We’re online!!

Being online is much like turning 18 (or 9 + 10 in some other countries,) at first you feel like you can do and see anything! But let’s not talk about what you did or saw on the internet in your youth, and still probably do from time to time, who am I to judge!? As time goes on, you begin to change and not just physically. You start regulating your day to day lifestyle and start avoiding the loud clubs and vampire-esque lifestyle choices that landed you in said clubs, unless of course you are experiencing a life crisis and chasing lost youth, I understand. The internet is exactly the same, when you first get juiced up, you jump online with a head full of things to punch into your keyboard however after 3 minutes or more, everything changes.

You end up sticking to the same sites for your daily social needs, distorted news and/or music needs which is exactly like a nine to five job except it’s especially so on weekends! If you’re not already wondering why on Earth I’m rambling about all this than I recommend you never think about making a blog and if you already have a blog then I feel very, very, very sad right now. Mainly because I just found out that North Korea threatened to Nuke Australia, not only is it an amazing country full of cute fluffy drop bears that will kill you while you sleep but also my land of birth. Just joking about the drop bear thing btw, Koalas are pretty harmless, cuddly and cute. But don’t quote me on that if they do rise up and kill all humans, anyway, fortunately I’ve played a lot of  the Fallout games so I’m pretty prepared for the post apocalyptic world. Ain’t no way I’m following some creepy vault company into their underground bunkers for testing, now back on a more serious note.

The reason I’m writing this is not only ramble in the hopes that somebody has enough free time on their hands to actually read this crap but to add content to this rather fresh site, the entire metaphor about your youth and the internet was just another way of saying that you should start exploring the internet more, and what better way to start than by exploring this blog first and subscribing while you’re at it. The site will host a handful of aspiring and talented authors excluding me, that will cover two hand fulls of news and other interesting stuff that you should waste your breakfast, lunch break or evening walk reading. Now usually I would make some compelling paragraph about how this site will have exclusive and attractive incentives that you need to experience or something but frankly I am just too lazy so consider yourself lucky!

If by some freak chance, you’ve had the patience to read this much than I congratulate you for wasting three minutes which makes me feel better about my wasted twenty. If you’re interested in seeing how the blog ends up than I suppose you’ll just have to stick around and see, thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you around the PUBLIK DOMAINE.


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